Resignation from the JNF Board

Editor’s Note: Seth Morrison resigned from the JNF board in 2011. The following articles explaining his resignation were originally published in the Forward (December 23, 2011) and +972 Blog (October 24, 2014).

By Seth Morrision

JNF Board Member Quits Over Evictions
Seth Morrison Says Clearing Out Palestinians Hurts Peace

Some of my earliest Jewish memories involve dropping spare change in the Jewish National Fund’s iconic little blue boxes. I was proud that my money would help plant trees in Israel. The JNF, I knew, was making the desert bloom.
As an adult, I became a member of the organization’s Washington, D.C., board and moved from donating extra nickels to raising thousands of dollars for JNF.
Now, I regret to announce that this week I have resigned my board position and am severing all ties with the organization.

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